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Potty training supplies: small potty or regular toilet?

Should you use a potty or the toilet? Ideally, I like to have both available! However, I know that may not be possible for everyone. I compare them below so you can choose which one will work best for your family.

Small Potty

  • Easily accessible to help promote independence

  • Smaller and less intimidating than a toilet

  • Your child can help choose their own potty

  • Provides the optimal potty position

  • Nice to have to take in the car

Regular Toilet

  • Less clean up compared to a small potty

  • Avoid the transition from the potty later

  • Provides exposure for using the toilet other places

If you're providing both as an option, your child may show a preference for one and that's okay! Allow them to choose which one they want to use each time they have to go, that will help them feel included in the training process.

If you're only using the regular toilet, provide an insert for them to sit on, as well as a stool for their feet to rest flat. Those will help them to sit comfortably and in the proper potty position.


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