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When should you start potty training?

There are several factors to take into consideration before potty training your child; these include: the ideal age time frame, child readiness, caregiver readiness, and a normal schedule. The "ideal" age time frame is 22-28 months, however I do not like to focus on age too much, as it is certainly possible to train earlier or later!

I recommend that your child(ren) is showing at least one sign of readiness before officially starting to potty train.

Signs of readiness:

🚽 General interest in the bathroom

🚽 Understands simple directions

🚽 Being able to stay dry for two hours or longer during the day; or for naps and/or overnight

🚽 Asking to have their diaper changed, or taking it off on their own

🚽 Verbalizing they are going, or have gone, potty in their diaper

🚽 Hiding to poop

🚽 Tugging at their diaper when it is wet or dirty

Caregiver readiness is just as important as child readiness. Potty training is hard work so you'll want to make sure everyone that will be involved is ready and on the same page. Having a plan in place, as well as the right mindset, will be helpful to set everyone up for success.

Lastly, you'll want to have as normal of a schedule as possible. It is ideal to have at least 2 months of time, either before or after starting potty training, before any big life changes; such as starting school, adding a sibling to the family, or moving.

Once you do choose to start training, use commitment, consistency, and confidence with every day. Potty training is a journey and I'm here to help you along the way!


Potty Talk Mama

Click here for tips on how to prepare your child, and yourself, for potty training.


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