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When should I start potty training?

It seems that everyone wants to know the magic age for starting potty training. Unfortunately, there isn't one. The "ideal" time frame is between 22 and 28 months, and I will go over some factors that contribute to a good time to start. However, the decision will ultimately come down to whatever works best for you and your family.

What are the signs of readiness that your child could be showing?

🚽 General interest in the bathroom. Such things as: watching others go to the bathroom, wanting to be in the bathroom, and flushing the toilet

🚽 Being able to stay dry for one hour or longer during the day

🚽 Acknowledging their diaper is wet or dirty

🚽 Asking to have their diaper changed

🚽 Verbalizing they are going in their diaper

🚽 Hiding to have a bowel movement

🚽 Tugging at their diaper when it is wet or dirty

🚽 Taking off their diaper on their own

🚽 Being able to remove their pants on their own

Some kids may show all, some, or even none of these signs. When deciding whether or not it's the best time to start, consider these three things:

  1. Your child is in or beyond the ideal age frame

  2. They are showing at least one of the signs listed above

  3. Life is as "normal" as possible and there will be no major changes occurring in the 2 months before or after beginning training

Once you choose to start training, use commitment, consistency, and confidence with every day. Potty training is a journey and I'm here to help you along the way!

Click here for tips on how to prepare your child, and yourself, for potty training.

Happy pottying!


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